Friday, March 7, 2014

Potluck feasts... what to bring?

Well, a first rule of thumb for potlucks is don't bring any dish containing: corn, tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, peanuts or chocolate. That is because all of these ingredients are “new world” foods and, although they may have made it back to Europe within the SCA's period, in general they just were not eaten.

Easy and inexpensive dishes to make:

Leek Soup

Peas Pies

Rice pudding*

Mushrooms and leeks*

Fartes of Portingale*

Eggs in mustard sauce*


Apple pie

Pears in Red Wine* (Pears in Confyt)

Easy but fancier dishes to make:

Brie tart*

Veal stew*

Salmon poached in beer*

Roast meat (in period meat was boiled then roasted)


Pork ravioli* 

Dishes you can buy to bring:

A cheese platter

Antipasto (see rule of thumb)

Meat pie


Pork pie


Cold meats

Strapped for cash?:


an apple pie

Fresh fruit

Salad ingredients (see rule of thumb)



Roast chicken


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